3rd Place in PCCA’s Awards for Poetic Excellence

He wears his boots to the bone,
then spends twice their worth on repairs.
He believes the value doubles
after some good ol’ wear and tear.

He is waterproof support
and steel-toed protection.
Sees that worth is often found
within the imperfections.

I am a split sole
with laces undone,
an open mouth
with a twisted tongue.

He does everything for the long-haul,
says we make quite a pair.
He chose his boots knowing,
I assume fully aware,

that one day they’d break down,
no matter how tough the leather,
and one day, like me,
he’d be putting them back together.

1 Comment

  1. I love this style of poetry, you master it well.
    Just like wearing those boots
    It takes firm decision
    To tie those strings
    Firmly and in place
    Art formed in view
    Gracefully, playfully
    A walk described


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