Fall into Line

Jimmy punched a girl in his second grade class
When asked why, he said, “because I was mad.”
Teacher asked Dad what’s it’s like at home.
Dad told teacher to leave his kid the Hell alone,
said fists are how men protect themselves.
Teacher noticed Jimmy’s dad’s bruised knuckles.

If you draw a circle on a piece of paper,
termites will follow the ink line forever.
They get trapped inside a loop drawn by someone else.
We all blindly follow the cycles written around us.

Jimmy went to college, found too many bar fights.
Jimmy had familiar black and blue fists.
College teacher noticed, gave Jimmy pen and paper,

told him words are tougher than punches.
College teacher told him to scribe himself out of this spiral.
Jimmy wrote himself habits worth following.
Jimmy wrote his fingers blue.

Jimmy had a son, named him Jim Jr.
Jr. knows not to hit, follows Dad’s ink line all the way home.
Jr. says when he grows up, he wants to write,
just like Dad.

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