Something broke inside of you,
but like a drinking glass
that falls from a child’s hand
when no one is looking,
the evidence can disappear.
You didn’t know something was broken
until you went looking for it later.
It’s funny how closely damaged
resembles creative,
the way the pieces
can be turned into a mosaic.
The thing about empty spaces
is you try to fill them with new habits,
until you wished what felt empty
could instead feel shattered.
At least then,
there’d be something to fix.
But a gambler doesn’t admit
to having a habit worth breaking.
They think empty wallets and homes
is just part of the risk.
If you lose everything tonight,
you cannot win it back in the morning.
You’ll still be taxed on your winnings.
There is always a price to pay
for trying to fill up the empty.
How many different ways
can I try to tell you
that the more you gamble
with the worth of your life,
the more likely you are
to end up broke?


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