Spines Binded: A Philanthropic Publication

Spines Binded is an independently published collection of local writing and art, founded by Samantha Bise, co-edited by Samantha Bise and Dillon Epler, and cover art by Sean Bise. The primary goal of this publication is to raise money for the community. Each year, all project donations and book sales are donated to community organizations supporting those suffering from addiction, homelessness, and/or educational barriers.

The collection’s first issue is expected in print in June 2020, and will be published annually. This publication showcases the work of Pennsylvania artists, so if you have a connection to PA and are interested in submitting a creative piece of printable work–poetry,  essays, photography, sketches, drawings, etc.–for consideration, email spinesbinded@gmail.com.

More information will be coming soon, but below are general guidelines for submissions.

  • Submissions are due to spinesbinded@gmail.com by February 1, 2020.
  • Any person with a connection to Pennsylvania is eligible to submit a piece of work for publication. This could mean you live in PA, used to live in PA, visit PA regularly, hike in PA, work in PA, etc.
  • Each submission must contain a title page with the artist’s name(s) and title of work; the piece of work without the artist’s name; and a 50-100 word bio that includes the artist’s connection to Pennsylvania.
  • There is a $15 entry fee for each page of work submitted for consideration. (Remember, all profits are donated!) Submissions selected for publication will receive a copy of the book.
  • Submissions published elsewhere may not be submitted, in order to avoid Copyright violations.